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Efficient Assets & Equipment Maintenance

Mobile Equipment Maintenance Software: Is It Worth Time and Effort?

<b><i>QR Maintenance</i></b> for Your Business It might be hard to match list of features on a web site or a software demo with your business needs. You need to visualize how the application will fit into your business flow and integrate with existing business practices. We are here to help you understand everything you need to know before committing to QR Maintenance. Please, contact us to discuss your project and if QR Maintenance would be a good fit.

How Will QR Maintenance Help Me?

If you are reading this, your company is probably responsible for servicing multiple assets. These assets might include equipment, vehicles, properties, or infrastructure. You need to perform preventive maintenance, repairs and periodic inspections on these assets, and need a way to keep your records in order, be able to find and access required information fast. There is a chance you are still using paper forms and are having troubles with lost, damaged and misplaced information.
In situations like this QR Maintenance will help you keep records secure, organized, easily accessible and searchable. Instead of using paper forms, your technicians will be filling out forms on their mobile devices. They will be able to access asset information, recent maintenance and repair history, parts and supplies stock and location just by scanning QR code on the asset tag with their smartphone.
Submitted records are stored in a secure cloud, and are searchable by multiple filters, so you can quickly find and review required records.

Why QR Maintenance?

QR Maintenance has several features that set it apart from competition. These features are:

  QR Maintenance is a web-based system that you can access from anywhere. Yet deployment is flexible - you can host it with us or on your network.

  You have a power of barcode scanning / mobile computers functionality without purchasing expensive hardware. QR Maintenance uses smartphones for scanning, information lookup and filling out maintenance / repair forms. Field techniciand can use their own or company's smartphones to collect data and access information.

  Mobile forms that you create using web interface are linked to the specific assets. Field technicians identify an asset and retreive a list of relevant forms by scanning QR code, so there are no mistakes.

  QR Maintenance allows you to not only organize maintenance records, but also keep track of assets locations and movements, as well as manage inventory, parts and materials. All these functions are using smartphones and qr codes / barcodes for error free entries.

  Asset and inventory tracking are optimized for field service operations: you can easily move assets and inventory between locations, which can include permanent storage locations as well as service vans or constantly changing job sites.

  Custom maintenance forms, custom fields, transaction types and properties allow you to adjust QR Maintenance for your business.

  No software is good if you are not receiving adequate customer support. With QR Maintenance you can be sure that your questions will be answered in a timely manner.

What is Involved in the Setup?

The first step in using QR Maintenance is to enter initial information about your assets into database, generate and print QR code labels or tags. If you have your asset data in a database or a spreadsheet, we will import this data into the application as a part of a regular setup free of charge. If you do not have this data, you can easily enter it using web interface.
QR Maintenance maintenance management software includes a tool for generating and printing QR code labels. If you prefer we can print and ship to you durable QR code labels or tags that will work with QR Maintenance.
The next step is to create maintenance / inspection / repair forms. Using our maintenance management system, you can create custom forms via the web interface and link these forms to the specific equipment. We can import your existing forms into QR Maintenance as part of enhanced setup.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost depends on your project: whether you want to host with us or on your network, how many items and users you will have, which functionality and setup options you select. As a ballpark figure, if you want to host with us setup fee may range between $545.00 and $900.00. The total monthly fee (Not fee per user! Fee for the whole organization) will range between $55.00 and $180.00 / month depending on the number of users / items. If you plan to purchase the system and host on your network, you cost will range between $1,800.00 and $3,500.00. Please, contact us to get a quote for your project.

Can I Try QR Maintenance Before Purchasing?

Yes, we have a test drive area where you can work with a live software. We also have a lot of materials that will help you understand how QR Maintenance works: product tour, overview of specific tasks, information of fetures and workflow. Please check out all the materials and sign up for a test drive here.

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