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  Mobile Forms + QR Codes =
Efficient Equipment Inspection & Maintenance

Equipment Tracking & Management With QR Codes and Mobile Forms

Track field assets and equipment, record maintenance and inspections, access technical specifications and recent maintenance log using smartphone as a scanner / mobile computer. Scan QR code on the equipment label with a smartphone to access information and relevant forms to fill out. Send collected data directly to the cloud.

Cloud - Based Solution

Keep your maintenance and repair records in the secure cloud, access from anywhere. Use custom filters to find required information fast.

Mobile Forms

Field service technicians use mobile forms to record asset maintenance, inspections, repairs and service. Collected data are sent to the cloud and are available to all authorized users in real time.

QR Codes, Barcodes Scanning

Scan QR code or barcode tag or label on the asset to identify it and access relevant information, list of applicable forms.

Use Smartphones as Scanners / Mobile Computers

Save money. No expensive hardware necessary. Use smartphones to scan QR codes and barcodes, collect and review information. Fill out maintenance, inspections, repair forms on the mobile device.

Flexible & Customizable

Customize QR Maintenance for your business operations, whether it is field service of equipment and infrastructure, property management, keeping track of tools and materials or tracking assets' service schedule. Using web interface, create custom forms, fields, transactions and properties that suit your business.

Custom Maintenance / Inspection Forms

Create custom maintenance / inspection forms via the web interface, link forms to assets and equipment.

QR Codes Generation, Layout and Printing Tool

Multiple options to generate, download, layout and print QR code labels.

GPS Location

GPS location of maintenance / inspection / service is automatically recorded and reported (including report maps).

Image Capture

Take photos with the smartphone and attach to inspection / maintenance record.

Track Assets

Track assets' location and movements with one scan of QR code or barcode. Always know where your assets are and for what projects they are used.

Inventory, Parts and Materials Management

Keep track of inventory, parts and supplies using QR code or barcode scanning. Access inventory stock and locations in the field with just one scan.

Custom Alerts and Reminders

Create custom alerts to warn you when the next preventive maintenance is due, when warranty is expiring, or when you need to order more supplies. Customize events that trigger e-mail messages.

Custom Transaction Types

Define custom transactions to track assets movement, specify what do you want to track, record and report (projects, job number, client, etc.)

Custom Fields

Create custom fields for assets and inventory to hold all required information, including images. Access this information in the field by scanning QR code or barcode with a smartphone.

Inventory Management Suited for Field Service

Track inventory in multiple locations including warehouses, service vehicles, remote job sites. Easily move inventory around, transfer between locations.

Flexible Hosting Options

Host on your network or ours.

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