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Efficient Asset Maintenance

Industries Benefiting From Mobile Asset Management Software

Where QR Code Based Mobile Asset Tracking & Management System Makes Most Sense?
<b><i>QR Maintenance</i></b> wins competition Industries that need to access or collect information in the field traditionally used mobile computers for this purpose. Now, with the development of mobile technology, smartphones and tablets are replacing mobile computers as more convenient and far less expensive choice. QR Maintenance uses both mobile and QR code technology to optimize collection and access to data in the field with more options and a fraction of a cost of traditional systems. Any industry that service equipment, properties, need to perform inspections or track assets in the field will benefit the most from using QR Maintenance.

Field Services: Maintenance, Equipment, Tools and Materials Tracking

QR Maintenance is especially well-suited for a field service industry. Technician can quickly access important information, such as technical specifications, emergency procedures, PDF documentation and service history of the equipment by scanning QR code on the label. Technician will also be able to fill out all the necessary forms to document maintenance or repairs performed on an asset.
QR Maintenance includes asset tracking and inventory management functionality, so an employee servicing a field location can quickly look up availability of the necessary parts in the warehouse. When an employee picks up parts for a project, (s)he can specify all necessary details - project, client, machine, etc. (you can add any other trackable fields easily) - by scanning QR codes on the inventory (s)he picks with a smartphone. You get a report on what was used / total cost of parts per project, client, etc. and can use this information to create invoices quickly.

Engineering Companies

Engineering companies often have equipment and assets out at multiple job sites. They benefit from the ability to simplify documentation of service and maintenance at the job sites, as well as from the ability to easily and accurately track equipment location and usage. Technicians performing equipment service can fill out documentation immediately, on-site. Employees who move equipment can record a new location with one scan of QR code, as well as enter any additional details that company needs to track (reason for transfer, project, etc.).
Employees in the field and in the office can check status of planned repairs and location of any asset, check the list of items at any location and see a report on inventory movement - all in real time.

Property Management

For property management companies, QR Maintenance provides a perfect combination of tools to complete maintenance and repairs faster and keep repair records organized. Technician can uniquely identify a property by scanning its QR code with a smartphone. He can then access recent repairs history (so that he does not re-invent the wheel), important property information, as well as record his own service and what was done. If parts or materials are needed, he can check in what warehouse they are available. He records what materials were used, and these data are available in real time for inventory count, reports and invoices.

Oil & Gas

Pipes, well sites and other infrastructure inspections are much easier with QR Maintenance. Durable QR code tag attached to the infrastructure allows technician to access important information and record inspection by scanning QR code on the tag with his mobile device (smartphone or tablet). GPS location of the inspection is recorded automatically and can be viewed on the map. If documentation of the conditions is required, technician can use the same device (smartphone or tablet) to snap pictures and attach them to the inspection form.
QR Maintenance custom reminders alert you when and where the next inspection is due, so the infrastructure is inspected on time and is well maintained.

IT Assets & Office Equipment

QR Maintenance will take care of both IT and office assets tracking and maintenance. You will be able to track whom a particular asset is assigned to, at what room / office it is located, and its transaction history. All asset movements are recorded by scanning QR code label with a smartphone, and you can specify what exactly you want to track during asset assignment or transfer. Specify due date, and get reports on which assets are not returned on time.
Most office assets require periodic work and repairs to be performed. QR Maintenance allows you to keep track on what was done (it can be repair or a routine work, such as system upgrade or software installation). You select what do you want to track, and can create custom forms that technicians need to fill out via the web interface.

Construction, Field Services: Tools Inventory Management

You can significantly reduce tools cost by implementing a tools tracking system (to prevent tools loss), along with tools maintenance (to maintain tools in a good shape and reduce turnover). QR Maintenance will allow you to do both. You can check in and check out tools to technicians by scanning QR code, and at any moment check where each tool is located and when it is due back. If tool is not returned on time, you know who is responsible.
You can also set reminders and receive alerts when preventive maintenance on the tools is due, and make sure it is not missed. Technicians can record what was done during repair or maintenance, and review recent maintenance history by scanning QR code label with their smartphone.

Fitness Centers

QR Maintenance allows you to keep track of inventory and equipment maintenance using one software. Identify what machines required most maintenance, what parts were used and what was the cost. Schedule preventive maintenance and receive alerts when it is due. Make sure you don't run out of inventory by setting up reorder points, and receiving low inventory alerts.
QR Maintenance supports multiple locations, and gives you an ability to assign users to locations - so that users in each gym location have access to their location's inventory and equipment maintenance records.


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