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  One Scan Service Request

Bulk QR Code Generator For Service Requests Submission

This free tool allows you to generate QR codes for your equipment, assets or properties, design QR code labels and bulk download them. QR codes can be used by your clients and / or employees to submit service request, report damage or problem, or submit other information related to an asset or equipment.
Want to optimize asset maintenance using mobile forms, QR codes and smartphones?
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Create QR code labels in a few easy steps:

Step 1 - Customize Labels

Enter custom text that will appear on the labels.

Step 2 - Customize Service Request Form

Enter url to logo and custom text that will appear on the service request form.

Step 3 - Customize E-mail Message

You will receive submitted service requests in the e-mail. On step 3 you will enter e-mail address to which e-mails should be sent and message subject.

Step 4 (optional) - Create Account

Optionally you can create an account so that when you create next batch of labels you won't need to go through step 1 - 3.

Step 5 - Upload Equipment List

Upload file with the list of assets / equipment / properties for which you would like to generate QR code labels.

Step 6 - Download Labels

Download .zip archive with pdf labels. Each label will include unique QR code for an asset, asset name, asset ID and custom text you entered on step 1.
When your clients or employees scan QR code, they will be able to fill out service request / damage report / problem report form that will be e-mailed to the address you specified.

Want to customize something

If you want to customize something in this process, fill out the form on the right and we will get back to you within one business hour.
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