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  Mobile Forms + QR Codes =
Efficient Audits & Inspections

QR Codes Based Mobile Field Audits And Checklist Software

Conduct audits and inspections in the field using mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Create custom checklists, audit and inspections forms via the web interface. Preload on the mobile device, fill out with or without data connection. Scan QR code to identify an object you are auditing, whether it is an equipment, facility or infrastructure. Measure and monitor safety, quality, risk compliance, hygiene and other factors based on your business requirements.
field audit software

Paperless Field Audits and Inspections

Perform inspections and audits in the field using mobile forms. Create custom checklists and mobile forms via intuitive online interface. Fill out forms on site with or without internet or cellular connection, submit to the central database when connection is available.
field audit software

Access Audit Data In Real Time

Audit and inspections results are stored in a secure cloud, and can be accesses by authorized employees from any computer or mobile device. Filter data by various parameters to quickly find needed information.
field audit software

Document Problems With Images

Use mobile device to take photos and attach them to audit or inspection to document problems and required repairs, if any.
field audit software

QR Code, Barcode Or NFC Tags Scanning

Use QR codes, barcodes or NFC tags to uniquely identify an object being audited. Link audit and inspection forms to specific object(s), or make them valid for all objects. Technician will pull out only relevant forms when he scans QR code / barcode / NFC tag on the object.
field audit software

GPS Location

GPS location of audit / inspection is automatically recorded. Review a map of audits / inspections, filter data by various parameters (dates, objects, technicians, audit type, results, etc.)
field audit software

Secure Cloud Storage

All audit and inspection data are stored in a secure cloud, and can be accessed on demand by authorized personnel.


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