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  Mobile Forms + QR Codes =
Efficient Equipment & Tools Maintenance

Overview of QR Maintenance: Asset Maintenance and Tracking System

QR Maintenance asset maintenance and tracking system consists of two interconnected parts: mobile application (available for Android and iOS) and web interface.


Web interface is used for:
  managing assets, equipment, materials and inventory
  generating QR codes for assets and inventory and printing QR code labels
  creating maintenance, inspection, repair and other forms that technicians need to fill out in the field
  creating custom transaction types, fields and properties
  reviewing reports on maintenance, assets locations, transactions history, inventory stock, and more
  managing users of the system


Mobile application is used for:
  performing inspections, recording maintenance, repairs and services
  reviewing asset information: specifications, pdf documentation, images, recent repairs and maintenance history, etc.
  recording asset and / or inventory transactions
  lookup of inventory stock and locations

Mobile devices are used as a scanner to identify an asset, as mobile computers to fill out the forms and access asset information, as cameras to take photos and attach to maintenance record or asset transaction, and as GPS tool to record location of maintenance or asset transaction.


You can preview the following functionality included in QR Maintenance:
  Asset, Equipment, Property Maintenance
  Asset Tracking
  Inventory, Parts and Materials Management


If you would like to check out a live system, you can request access to the test drive area of QR Maintenance. We give access to test drive area for a week, so please plan your time accordingly.

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