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  Mobile Forms + QR Codes =
Efficient Equipment & Tools Maintenance

Why Replace Paper Forms With Mobile Forms For Field Service

Video Introduction to QR Maintenance

Do you need to keep track of assets and equipment in the field: track maintenance, repairs, service, location, movement and usage, and do not have the right tools to do the job? QR Maintenance will help you automate equipment, tools and asset management without a need to purchase expensive hardware, such as mobile computers, PDAs and barcode scanners.

QR Maintenance is a web based asset and equipment management software powered by QR codes and mobile forms. Field technicians can use their own smartphone to scan QR code label on the equipment, access relevant maintenance / repair forms, fill them out and submit to the server. Results are stored in a secure cloud and are accessible to authorized personnel in real time from any device (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

Need to document the problem or what was done? QR Maintenance mobile application has an option to take photos and attach them to the equipment maintenance / repair / service record.

Each company has its own unique requirements when it comes to keeping maintenance and repair records for assets and equipment. That's why QR Maintenance software allows you to create custom maintenance / inspection / service forms via the web interface. Create fields that you need, and link each form to the specific equipment. Field technicians will be able to access forms valid for the scanned equipment.

In addition to recording information, employees need to be able to access information on the equipment, that may include specifications, documentation, emergency procedures, manuals and recent maintenance / repair history. QR Maintenance will allow field technicians to access all required information by scanning QR code label with a smartphone. Create custom fields via the web interface to hold all required information on the assets and equipment, including images.

Do you have mobile equipment that is moved between the job sites? Need to keep track of tools: check out and returns, who uses them, at what location, when the tool should be returned? QR Maintenance takes care of this as well. Check out and check in tools by scanning QR code label with a smartphone, record conditions and damages.

In order to keep your tools and equipment in a good shape you need to perform preventive maintenance and routine inspections on time. QR Maintenance allows you to configure custom reminders for multiple events (preventive maintenance, inspection, warranty expiration, etc.) and receive automatic e-mail alerts.

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